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First Post! yay...

Ok, So I'm new at this... I'm pretty sure that no one will read this, (I mean, come on... do people actually look through livejournal and read every single post that is put on?) so I'm pretty sure that no one will realize who I am. The is the way I like it. To operate from the shadows, so to speak...

Anyways, enough preamble... I just want to get something off of my chest. I hate the world of dating and relationships... screw them... like really, a guy gets up enough courage to ask someone out, and get shot down every time; and then the very next year, he gets people fighting over him. wtf? Am I some sort of polar magnet, affected by the number of the year? Yes? No? Thoughts? I just don't want to have a relationship right now. I need a break from trying to find anyone. I just want to go into a hole and die, that's how I feel, and no one will know. No one picks up on these sorts of things. And that leaves me to be the bad guy, the guy who has to break things off. Without hurting feelings.

What is the problem with being friends? why can't we just be friends, everyone, and get it over with. I don't want to commit myself to just one person. I can't do that... (yet) If I could, you wouldn't be seeing this post, and nothing would be wrong. But there is something wrong with me. I just don't get it.

So if you see me on the street, be nice... I'm probably having a bad day...

~ Anon E. Mus ~
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